Becoming a Great Advocate for Your Security, Compliance and Risk Management program

Security, compliance and risk management leaders need to be able to advocate for their team’s needs and secure the necessary resources to improve their organization’s cyber defense posture, mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Although getting headcount and new tools approved isn’t necessarily a difficult endeavor, the steps needed to achieve the desired outcome aren’t always clear.

In this guide, see what you can do to become a highly effective advocate for your security, compliance and risk management initiatives. Get tips and talking points you can use in executive conversations to drive urgency. Learn how you can connect your initiatives (including purchase of new software tools and hiring staff) back to risk mitigation and business value creation – so it becomes easy for your executives to say yes. 

A Preview of Key Steps:

  • Understand the procurement process in your organization 
  • Identify the key decision-makers and messages 
  • Identify your allies; expand the scope of the problem you're addressing 
  • Understand the implementation plan and talk to your execs about time-to-value
  • Get help from the sales rep at the vendor organization 

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